C & D; Columbia, NJ

A unique spring fed pool was surrounded by a crumbling, painted concrete deck. Chipped and hard to maintain, the deck was a real eyesore, detracting from the unusual pool. This job was challenging in many aspects. A winding, steep, half mile drive along a ridge made it tricky to haul in trucks and heavy equipment. Furthermore, the tight quarters surrounding the pool, complicated by underground springs and an existing light pole, took skill and ingenuity to maneuver. Extra care was taken to ensure that the side of the pool did not cave in during the excavation and removal of the concrete. A ramp was created from the demolished concrete to access the pool site. This narrow path left no room for error. Drains were installed to remediate the underground springs and to provide a stable base for the new patio. Geofabric with 8 inches of tamped 2A stone created a solid foundation before laying paver. CST Brown Flash pavers were laid in a five piece random pattern, installed in the same footprint as the original concrete patio. The transformation is dramatic and the homeowners are ecstatic. What was formerly a crumbling eyesore is now an appealing entertainment area.

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