1. Ask for references and photographs of recent work.
  2. Beware of contractors who demand a large deposit up front. Disreputable contractors “lock in” the unaware homeowner by demanding a sizeable deposit before even beginning the job. This allows the contractor to overbook, and string along the homeowner, who is reluctant to lose their deposit by cancelling.
  3. Beware of contractors promising immediate start dates. Each Spring, all reputable landscapers are swamped with work. At Farda Landscaping & Excavating, we strive to provide prompt estimates and to schedule the work in an equally timely fashion. Weather delays may affect scheduled work, but you can depend on Farda’s promise to keep you updated on any schedule changes.
  4. At Farda Landscaping & Excavating, you can be sure that we offer honest timetables for completion of work, and if weather or material delays are unavoidable, we are in touch with our clients in advance, keeping them updated on start dates. We require a $100.00 deposit to schedule the work, and then a fair payment schedule is clearly outlined as the work progresses.
  5. In Farda’s 35 plus years in the landscaping business, we have been saddened to witness consumers accepting the “low bidder” and receiving a sub-quality result. Farda Landscaping is often called in to correct or redo work completed by an unprofessional landscaper.
  6. Our best advice is to have a clear plan for the work that you intend; an understanding of the drainage and soil conditions, available natural light, and animal populations; and then request bids for the same job with the same specifications from no more than four professional landscapers. Different landscape firms have different styles, and each bid cannot be a cookie cutter image of the other, but it is so important to compare apples to apples. Low bids may not be priced offering the same size or quantity landscape plants or hard goods. Mulch and soils should be specified by the cubic yard, not by the “load”.
  7. You work hard for your money, don’t spend it twice for the same job. By choosing a reputable professional landscaper, you can plan for the whole project, and complete the work in the appropriate order.
  8. At Farda Landscaping & Excavating, we understand that creating your dream outdoor environment will take time. Farda can work with you to create your wish list and complete the work in the stages that your budget allows. For example, clients with newly constructed homes may be hoping to get rid of a muddy landscape with a new lawn, and then complete foundation and other plantings next season. Allow Farda to draw a landscape design plan to achieve your goal, and then we’ll work together to prioritize the stages as your budget allows.
  9. Farda Landscaping & Excavating drawings are available on a no obligation basis for a typical consultative cost of approximately $350.00, payable upon drawing delivery. Should you decide to place your confidence in Farda Landscaping & Excavating, we will cheerfully deduct the cost of your drawing from the total job. A professional drawing is one of the most important steps in obtaining comparable bids. This allows you to obtain bids from several professionals, on the same job. Don’t settle for vague descriptions, Insist on knowing what you will be delivered for your hard earned dollar.