On October 17, 2012, Farda Landscaping & Excavating was recognized for their achievements in landscaping design for 2012 when they received four awards at the Pocono Builders Awards. The awards received by Farda Landscaping & Excavating were Best Landscaping Residential Outdoor Living Space, Best Specialty Stonework, Best Landscape Renovation over $10,000, as well as the evening’s highest honor – the Award of Excellence for great achievement in the Pocono building community for the year.

“I am so very proud to have received these awards,” enthuses Anthony Farda, owner of Farda Landscaping & Excavating. “To be selected for such high honors by my peers with such prestigious industry awards is incredibly humbling for me.”

Farda Landscaping & Excavating has earned a reputation in the Pocono building community for quality workmanship, exceptional horticultural and landscaping knowledge, and superior customer service. These skills were in full evidence in their award winning project, a Stroudsburg region landscaping design of the grandest scale. This project reimagined the landscape of a home, already beautiful under the expert care of Farda Landscaping, and resulted in an outdoor living space of luxury and refinement.

“The challenge of this project was blending the new details with the existing pool and terrace area,” explains Farda. “The result is a seamless merger of distinctive outdoor spaces that appear to be a natural extension of the landscape.”

This project included extensive stonework resulting in creation of new boulder stairs, a sitting wall, and a boulder table. The experts at Farda Landscaping & Excavating set each and every boulder and stone by hand and with their extensive fleet of heavy equipment.

Other special details of the project include a custom water feature which lends tranquility and ambience to the surroundings through its soothing sounds, and the installation of classically-styled landscape lighting for enhanced beauty while providing safety for nighttime entertaining.

“Realizing the vision of this landscape was our privilege at Farda Landscaping,” summarizes Farda. “To also receive so many awards in recognition of what we achieved in this landscape design is truly is the icing on the cake!”