How does the natural environment of the Poconos influence Farda Landscaping & Excavating's work?

We are fortunate to live in the Poconos, an area so abundant in natural beauty. Farda takes their landscape design cues from the surrounding area. Anthony Farda, owner of Farda Landscaping & Excavating, also enjoys including natural stone walls and walkways in his landscape design work as a natural complement to the region’s scenic beauty.

Differentiating Anthony Farda from other landscape designers is his approach to incorporating landscape materials with the natural environment. When selecting the manufactured paving stones and interlocking wall systems, Farda tends to select more rustic or traditional patterns, creating a seamless marriage between the landscape design with the surrounding area.

How do you best deer proof your landscape?

As a home owner, it is important to realize that if you choose deer repellant sprays they will need to be applied repeatedly. Avoid feeding deer as it invites return visits. Also, while fencing may hold deer at bay, it can be an unsightly addition to an otherwise beautiful landscape design.

When creating a deer resistant landscape, choosing a landscape designer with experience is important to success. Farda Landscaping & Excavating’s vast expertise in selecting deer resistant plantings makes them an ideal partner in developing your Pocono landscape design.

Which plant and flower species are most requested in your Pocono region landscape projects?

A wide variety of plantings are included in the projects of Farda Landscaping & Excavating, based on the company’s 35-plus years of experience designing with plant and flower species suitable to the Pocono region. Farda Landscaping has a number of ‘go-to’ favorites which they often use in their designs.

Birch Trees are frequently incorporated as their bark offers a great contrast and winter interest in the garden. Winged Euonymus is a standout for its fall foliage, as well as its corky bark which looks great after the leaves have fallen. Boxwood is a classic addition as it is deer resistant and its evergreen leaves add visual beauty to a landscape design.

Farda Landscaping has found Spirea, a deciduous shrub, to be a beautiful addition to a Pocono landscape as it is grown in a wide variety of colors with a long summer bloom, and the interesting texture of the shrub offers great off season appeal. Another Farda favorite are varieties of Viburnum, which are often incorporated in landscape designs as their blooms are stunning in the spring. Rounding out Farda designs with hardy perennials such as Rudbeckia, Liatris and Veronica add color and interest. Also, dependent upon the local deer population, Rhododendron and Japanese Andromeda may be incorporated. Farda Landscaping & Excavating takes care to include varied bloom periods to lend interest and appeal throughout the seasons.

How long does it take to complete your average project?

Farda Landscaping & Excavating’s typical new landscape, including a lawn, foundation planting and hardscape, can be completed in 5-7 days. This may vary, however, based on each individual client’s work scope and the scale of tasks which need to be performed.

Has Farda Landscaping & Excavating won any industry awards?

Farda Landscaping is the proud recipient of multiple industry awards, including the Pocono Builders Association Awards for Best Landscaping Residential Outdoor Living Space, Best Specialty Stonework, Best Landscape Renovation over $10,000, and the Award of Excellence.

You can reach Farda Landscaping & Excavating by phone at 570-421-5376, by fax at 570-421-4445, or by email. The mailing address for Farda Landscaping & Excavating is: 425 Roaring Brook Rd., East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

What is your single best advice for a homeowner gathering estimates for a new landscaping project?

Compare apples to apples. You need to have a clear picture of your desired result and receive bids on that vision. Know the plant sizes that are included in the proposal. Know the quality of the mulch that has been bid. Insure that your landscape contractor has received training and certification for the type of work he is bidding on. It is also vital to ask for and receive references from past landscape design clients. Most importantly, do not hand over a large up-front deposit before work begins and have an honest start date agreed upon with your landscape contractor.

Can we afford a new landscape?

You may have a long wish list and a short budget. Farda Landscaping & Excavating can work with you as a partner in defining your long term landscape goals. Farda prides itself as company on its ability to price and prioritize a client’s landscape project in manageable stages, based on individual client needs. By working wisely and in the appropriate order, you can save thousands in the long run. Farda Landscaping & Excavating accepts various forms of payment for your convenience, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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